1Weh Youth

We have a passion for young people!  We love their enthusiasm and zest for life.  We can also relate to the challenges they face, like trying to fit in and wanting to find a place to belong.  

1Weh is the youth group of The Father's House.  1Weh is focused on meeting the needs of young people, giving them a place where they feel loved and not judged, and establishing an atmosphere where worshipping and serving God is cool.  There's nothing like realizing that you are not alone, that there are a bunch of other people just like you who love God and aren't afraid to show it.  

We are reaching more and more 6th-12th graders as we take Jesus' love inside and outside the four walls of the church with outrageously fun events that include games, laughter, and most importantly, the ministry of the Holy Spirit who changes lives. 

Come and find a place where you belong!



Wednesday Night Youth Service

7:00-8:30pm in the Youth Room at The Father's House




(Each summer, our 1Weh Youth, along with adult chaperones, travel to Midland, Michigan to participate in INVASION -- 4 days of teaching of the Word of God, fun competition, and powerful worship!)  www.invasion.net


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For more information about 1Weh Youth at The Father's House, 
please call Jacob Holland 317-498-0714